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A Camembert to look out for…

Just read an interesting article about a wonderful French Camembert made by Herve Mons. Question posed: “…why was Herve Mons making a pasteurized-milk Camembert, and how did he make such a good one?”

Mons says that 90% of the quality of a cheese comes from the quality of the milk.  Who knew?


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Mmm Cheese

Cheese is almost always the perfect accompaniment to a lovely cocktail or a glass of fine wine. That said, even though my task is to focus on wine and spirits, no exploration of the topic would be complete without a discussion of cheese.

Tonight I enjoyed some Cashel Blue.  I am fairly knowledgeable about cheese, but this one was completely new to me. Cashel Blue is Ireland’s original artisinal blue cheese, and is a great starter cheese, I think, for those new blues. Made from cow’s milk, it’s milder and less salty compared to other, more popular, stronger-flavored blues.  Definitely worth a try.

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